How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets


How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen is unique. It’s not just space and size considerations that will dictate what your kitchen becomes; it’s lifestyle factors and what you actually want to achieve in your space that will influence your choice of kitchen cabinets, appliances and accessories.

When it comes to selecting the right kitchen cabinets for your Sunshine Coast home, how will you ensure you get it right? How do you balance the functionality with style, without breaking the budget?

Here are a few suggestions…

Consider materials, colours, and finishes

A wide range of materials can be used in cabinets these days. It doesn’t have to be only wood, though that is a popular choice; if you prefer a natural timber finish a number of different wood stains provide variety.

Perhaps you want an all-white kitchen or prefer to have glass cabinets to make it seem bigger and lighter? Frosted or textured glass are two good alternatives to plain glass.

You can even get creative with more colourful kitchen cabinetry. Why not try combining two colours: a neutral colour and a solid one as a complement?

Distressed cabinet finishes are great if you are worried about how your kitchen will look in ten years’ time; they tend to cover up most scratches and chips. Other types of finishes include burnished, painted, highlighted, glazed and thermofoil finishes.

Door styles

With cabinet doors, you have many choices of panel options including square, arched, slab, raised and recessed panels. You have different overlay choices available too, which change the appearance.

You also have a number of ways they can open so, if space is tight, you may want alternatives to the standard open-outwards designs. Flip-up, pocket doors, or sliding doors are other good options.

Also consider whether your doors will open from the left or the right of the cabinet –people can get caught with this only finding out that they made the wrong choice when they come to install the cabinet.

Moldings and details

Often the little details make a big difference. You might want to consider adding moldings to give your kitchen cabinets more of a customised feel. Crown or edge moldings are popular choices. Other options you have for adding a touch of style to your cabinets include decorative supports, aprons, corbels and toe kicks.

Consider your existing hardware

If you are renovating your kitchen, consider your existing kitchen appliances before selecting your cabinets. How will the new cabinets work with your other hardware, like a fridge or oven? Some people get caught our designing their dream kitchen without considering the items that are staying!

Storage space

One of the prime considerations in your kitchen is usually storage space. The simplest, most cost-effective ways to add storage space to a kitchen is with open shelving: a feature that never dies and works in modern kitchens as well as more traditional ones.

You can also opt for innovative additions to your kitchen cabinets like swiveling baskets that tuck away inside a cabinet when not being used, which make smart use of the available space.

Flat pack kitchen cabinets

Some of the best value kitchens are now available in flat pack form. This is where all kitchen cabinets, benchtops, and fittings are delivered in flat pack form, ready to be assembled either as DIY or with the help of an installer.

Because many flat pack kitchens are made right here in Australia, you get the precision and quality you need without it breaking the bank. The popularity of this type of kitchen also provides a wide variety of choice: from ultra modern to traditional and classic styles.

Custom-made or stock cabinets?

Many home owners see kitchen renovation not just as a face-lift but as an opportunity to optimise use of space. This may mean that the standard stock cabinets are not suitable and they need to be custom-made or semi-customised.

Sunshine Coast Kitchens offer a huge range of kitchen cabinets, available in many materials, colors and finishes, as well as a wide range of benchtops. All cabinets can be custom-made and delivered in flat-pack or ready-assembled form. Find out more: contact us.